Board of Directors

Position  Name Email Address Phone Number
President Joe Troiano [email protected] 207-891-7681
President of Softball Jason Gervais [email protected]

Treasurer Brenna Berry [email protected]  
Secretary Gail Troiano [email protected] 207-749-6308
Field Maintenance Eric Richmond [email protected] 207-329-3326
Webmaster Jason Leveille [email protected] 207-653-8603
Safety Officer Joe Troiano [email protected] 207-891-7681
Uniform Manager Kate Leveille [email protected] 207-653-8589
Fundraising Manager Eric Richmond [email protected]
Equipment Manager Eric Richmond[email protected]207-329-3326
Picture Manager Kate Leveille [email protected] 207-653-8589
Background Checks Vanessa Feeney [email protected]  
Sponsorships Dave Berry [email protected]

Concessions Brenda Witten b[email protected]
 Matt Witten[email protected] 
 Brenna Berry[email protected] 

Local Sponsors